Townsville Medical Centre - Mooney Street Medical

General Information

New Patients

New patients are welcome. For your first appointment, it is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to complete our new patient registration form. This includes personal details (eg Date of Birth, address, phone number etc) which will be given to the receptionist and information regarding your health history which you will take with you to see your doctor. If you are transferring from another practice, you will have the opportunity to request your medical records to be sent to your new doctor.


Obtaining Your Test Results

Once you have had your tests, your doctor will receive your results via our computer system. It is difficult to give an exact time frame for this as it will depend on the type of test you have had and the level of urgency determined by your doctor.

Your doctor will review your results and determine what followup is needed.

  • If your results require urgent attention, the practice will phone you to discuss them with you. (It is therefore very important that we have your correct contact details).
  • If your results are abnormal (but do not require urgent attention), your doctor will send you a letter asking you to make an appointment to discuss them.
  • If your results are normal, your doctor will let you know at your next appointment.

As an added precaution, if you are concerned about your results at any time, please phone the surgery and make an appointment to review them with your doctor.

If you have had an x-ray or an ultrasound, please phone the surgery to make an appointment to have these reviewed (unless your doctor has specifically asked you to bring them back on the same day). We ask that you keep your x-rays or ultrasound with you until you see your doctor.


Recalls and Reminders 

Preventative care is a priority in this practice. We may send a reminder notice from time to time offering you preventative health services. For example, a reminder notice may be sent for immunisations, annual health checks,  and diabetic reviews. Please let reception know if you do not wish to receive these reminders.

Recall letters are also sent to you when your doctor wants you to make an appointment to review your test results.

If you have received a recall / reminder letter from this practice, please let the receptionist know what the recall is for when making the appointment.


Repeat Prescriptions

Patients may request, repeat prescriptions without a consultation. These will be issued at the doctor’s discretion. Depending on when you last saw your doctor or on the type of medication you are being prescribed, your doctor may request a consultation before issuing a repeat prescription. Generally 24 hours’ notice is required when requesting a repeat prescription without a consultation. This service attracts a nonrebateable fee. More urgent requests will attract a higher fee.

Webster Packs – When you have your medication packed for you by the pharmacist, your doctor will provide scripts directly to the pharmacy when requested. This will attract a nonrebateable fee which will be sent to you as a quarterly account.

When requesting your prescriptions over the phone, you will need to know the name of your medication, the dose you are taking and how often you are taking the medication.

Referrals to Specialists

A consultation is required for an initial referral to a specialist or allied health professional (eg physiotherapist). Repeat referrals may be given without consultation at the discretion of your doctor for a nonrebateable fee.  However, it is preferable to have a consultation for repeat referrals to allow your doctor to accurately update the specialist on your progress.

Translation and Interpreting Service

We can arrange for telephone interpreters to assist anyone who does not speak English.

Speaking with your doctor on the phone

Our doctors prefer you to make an appointment to discuss any of your health concerns with them in person, however, we do understand that you may sometimes need to discuss some aspects of your care by phone. Please be aware that your doctor may not always be available to speak with you when you phone. In these circumstances, a message will be left with your doctor regarding your concern or you may opt to discuss the matter with one of our practice nurses.

Patient Feedback

Your comments are always welcome and help us to improve our service to you. You may provide feedback to us in the following ways -:
Written feedback via the forms in the waiting room. These forms will be given to the practice manager. If you chose to leave your name, you will be able to receive feedback regarding the outcome of your concern.
Speak to your doctor or any staff member about your concern
Contact the The Office of the Health Ombudsman if you wish your concerns to be addressed by an independent organisation.
Contact details: Phone 133646, Email: