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We are seeking a FT/PT VR GP


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Welcome to Mooney Street Medical

Mooney Street Medical is a well established accredited General Practice offering you a highly professional medical service. Our team strives to treat you as an individual by taking time to understand your unique health care needs.

Our newly refurbished practice is centrally located in Gulliver with ample easy parking and is well equipped  to provide you with a full range of medical services including onsite pathology and allied health counselling.

Your health is our priority and we look forward to partnering with you to achieve optimum well being.


Mooney Street Medical Team

Our Medical Team

The team at Mooney Street Medical is committed to caring for the long-term medical needs of our patients, offering personal, friendly and caring service and Health and Lifestyle support. We have permanent male and female doctors on staff.

Our Medical Services in Townsville

Our Medical Services

Services offered include General and Family Medical Care, Gender specific health issues, Adult and Childhood Immunisations, Skin Checks & surgery, Medicals, Chronic Disease Management, Health and Lifestyle Management, Counselling and Pathology.

Our Medical Practice

We are centrally located in Gulliver, with plenty of easy parking. Our newly refurbished centre is purpose designed with your comfort and care in mind. The waiting room is child friendly and we offer health education resources for your information.

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After Hours Care

If we are closed, please contact the House Call Doctor. 

Available weeknights, weekends and Public Holidays.